Why hire a designer?

We recently arranged a photoshoot of a finished project with a cherished client who we’ve worked with over many years. Reflecting on this particular experience got me thinking about why hiring a designer can be so important. Let’s talk about this journey with my client and jump into the first reason why!

  1. Designers are here for moral support – We do remodeling and new construction projects every day. If you are unsure about the process, feeling stressed, or anxious about the outcome, then we are here to help. Designers guide you through every step of the way.

This client’s remodel persisted longer than expected – enduring the challenges of the pandemic and various setbacks. Yet despite these obstacles, we remained steadfast and managed to find humor in the midst of these challenges. 

  1. Designers are creative – We’re here to help you create a space that is unique to you. We like to highlight interesting and out of the ordinary touches that make your space feel special to you. 

Before this photoshoot, I went to a local antique shop and selected two perfect items for accessories. One being a pottery vase and the other being a brass pail, rustic and rough around the edges. I then swung by Tammy’s floral to pick out some greenery for each item and asked them to hold my accessories. When I came back to the counter, the woman told me someone else had come in and wanted to buy both pieces. I thought they were pulling my leg as they explained how adamant the person was looking to buy my items. But I was happy to hear it, as it solidified I had made a good choice! 

When I arrived at my client’s house carrying my treasurers, she started laughing with excitement. It turns out that she was the person trying to buy my items off the counter at Tammy’s!

While this may not seem like a big deal, it is. I had taken the time to get to know my client well enough that I selected the perfect accessories that she was over the moon about. You want someone that knows you when creating your new space. 

  1. Designers help you see your vision through – As a designer, I am here to help you stay true to your design. Designers get to know you, your style, vibe, and the overall feeling you want for your space. Our goal is to keep the vision alive, pointed in the same direction without wavering. 

Throughout the process, this client tenaciously held onto our shared vision of achieving perfection in every detail. In the end, I have created another great friend along the way, and we both couldn’t be happier as the project turned out even better than expected!

On long projects there is a lot of communication that happens between a designer and the homeowner. So it’s important that we enjoy working together and both love the outcome. Find a designer that understands what you’re trying to achieve and whom you think is a good fit. I can truly say with 100% certainty that I enjoy spending time with my clients!

Photos by: Wayfarer Photography

I’m a local, I love what I do more than you know. I am here to be your teammate through your remodel or new home build. Connect with me if you want design assistance. 

Cheers to spring in the gorge! One of my favorite seasons.

-Ashley Neff-Hinkle

Interior Designer of the Gorge

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