Whole Home Renovation or Build New?

Craftsman stunner home kitchen

Summer is in full swing here in the Gorge. I can’t help but love every bit of the season! As I continue to travel throughout life, there’s still nothing like coming home. We live in one of the most beautiful meccas in the world.
With beauty and function in mind, I am often asked, “Should we renovate this home or build a new one?” The answer is subjective, but I have shared some things below to consider if you are in these shoes.

The home above is a historical craftsman home we renovated to maintain all of its historical charms while giving a better layout and updated finishes.

Is your home historical or does it have any historical charm? If the answer is yes, then know that while we can create charm and interest in a new build, we cannot recreate history. Things were built differently back then and cannot always be replicated. Family stories and ties to a house can also be considered history. This is special. Not all people can hold onto a piece of their family history.

Exterior footprint
Is the outside of the home in decent shape and does it have any appeal? How is the roof pitch and style? It’s not the best situation to have to remove the roof and all its trusses. It can greatly increase the overall budget and scope if this must be modified. If the roof structure looks good and is something you want to keep, that’s fabulous! This will save you big time. Is there a good place for an addition if you’re interested in adding square feet?

Property value
If the property is special, has a view, seclusion, or a unique feature you cannot find somewhere else then consider renovating. Land in our area is hard to come by, they are not making any more so if you have a unique piece and any of the above items, renovation might be totally worth it.

Interior condition
I’m thinking about plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. If these are in decent condition, then yay! Many times, older homes are not in great shape behind the walls. They often need all these big-ticket items. If these items are not in good shape that’s okay too. Knowing these items need to be addressed is fine if they are in the budget and your property, and or house charm makes up for the hefty budget.

Finally, if the renovation budget is more than a new build or greater than 90% of a new build, it may not be worth it. When you remodel older homes, you will encounter many unforeseen issues. Even if you make a diligent plan the home will inevitably throw you some curve balls.

If you have answered no to, history, charm, footprint, and terrible bones. Let it go! Tear the sucker down and start fresh. Sometimes it’s not worth trying to renovate when there are too many parameters and nothing to enhance. Or sell it and find a new home or property to build. Starting fresh and getting exactly what you want is incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. Having a space that functions perfectly for your own needs is a luxury we all deserve.
This process can be difficult to navigate. I’m happy to help you decide which direction to go with your renovation or new home build.

I’d love to discuss your upcoming project. Contact me today to make a design plan!

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