Tips for Styling your home with Greenery

Are you interested in making your space feel more homey or cozy?
Greenery has the ability to elevate a space and make it come to life. I use greenery in almost every room I style. Regardless of weather you feel like you have a green thumb or not, there are many ways to make it work with your home and lifestyle. When it comes to design there are no “rules”. There are guidelines and suggestions. I like to add greenery that enhances the space and doesn’t take away from the design.

Home entryway design by Ashley Neff Interior Design
Photo by Gorge-Us Photography

The Entryway is a great place to start. If you have a console table, a plant or vase with branches adds interest and reflects the changing seasons. If you have the space, a potted tree also fills negative space nicely.

In the Great Room bookshelves or built-ins are asking for plants. A small tree or bush would love to live next to some windows. I recently purchase a rubber tree from Tammy’s Floral on the heights in Hood River. They are our local house plant destination. If I happen to neglect a plant too long, I go there for what I call are “refills”. The staff is very knowledgeable and which plants are hardy and which ones require a little more finesse. Let’s just say I shop for the hardy plants. 😊 They do make some great looking faux plants if keeping plants alive really isn’t your thing.

As for the Dining & Kitchen I like to add plants near the kitchen sink window. If you have floating shelves in the kitchen, a little plant or two brings some life to the space. Mini herb plants are a great idea also. To make a space feel cozy, a tall potted tree goes a long way. A pot with some olive branches can also be a great centerpiece if you’re short on space.

Kitchen design by Ashley Neff Interior Design
Photo Credit: Jen Jones Photography

In the bedroom, we love accenting with greenery on nightstands, dressers, and potted trees. Its amazing that plants really take up a lot of visual attention. They draw your eye to them while feeling relaxed and at home. They work great in home offices to bring a comfortable element to the space.

Bathroom design by Ashley Neff Interior Design
Photo by Gorge-Us Photography

In the Bathroom if you have a double vanity with two mirrors a plant or vase with branches between the mirrors adds a touch of warmth.

Currently, my home has a combination of living and faux plants. With small children in the house most of my plants are out of reach. Depending on your home and lifestyle, do what works best for you.

If you would like assistance making your space feel homey and cozy, I am happy to help.

Ashley Neff-Hinkle is a local White Salmon resident servicing clients interior design needs in new construction and remodeling. For help with your project, contact me today.

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