Ski Retreat

Ski room featured in Mountain Living


I recently came across these images from a Mountain Living issue. Boy did this ring true to the “Gorge” style. I love this beautifully designed ski retreat. I could totally envision something like this in either Parkdale or Government Camp. In the summer it could transform into a mountain biking lodge.

The style of this design is so chic and rustic all at the same time. More often than not that’s the style I’m asked to create in my gorge homes. The patch work leather area rug in images 3 & 4is one of my favs. I saw it in Las Vegas at the World Market! I fell in love and knew instantly it would be such a good fit for a gorge home.

Mostly, I love that the space is designed all around the active lifestyle! Designed specifically for skiing. Lifestyle is one of the biggest factors in designing a space. Defining how a space will be used is critical.

Have a fabulous weekend! Cheers,


Photocredit:Gibeon Photography

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