Ringing in a New Year!

2024 is right around the corner and we are excited for what’s in store! A new year means new goals, fresh ideas, and more of the interior design trends we know and love.

While there is no need to renovate every year, the following new trends offer inspiration to spruce up your space.

Highline view home kitchen with wood cabinets and black stools

Warm Neutral Kitchens
Warm tones are making a comeback! Think warm woods, red tones, creamy whites, and even browns. Doesn’t that make you feel warm inside? Above is a kitchen we designed a couple of years ago that is 100% a warm-toned beauty.

Photo Credit: Parsons I.D., Photographer: Shanna Hickman

Fluted Cabinets
We love the fact that our clients are moving away from extreme minimalism and adding some texture back into designs. One way we accomplish a bit of texture is with fluted cabinet details. These are popular in kitchen islands, bathroom vanities, or living room furniture. Even in a minimal home, a little fluted texture instantly adds visual interest while helping bring charm to the space.

I’m currently working on a home design with fluted accents and I can’t wait to see the final product!

Transitional mountain home living room with stone fireplace and big windows

Timeless Design
These designs don’t follow any one, particular design trend. Think wood, white, and natural earthy materials, and colors. This style is often the more sustainable choice during renovations. Even in more contemporary homes, people are finding ways to incorporate elements that feel more ageless, such as clay tile, rustic wood elements, arches, and brick.

As the new year begins, I stick to my core design values: environmental awareness and long-lasting purchases. I’ve always lived by the motto of avoiding items that quickly break or go out of style. The idea of things ending up in landfills bothers me, so I prefer furniture and décor that can last for generations. I invest in both new and vintage pieces with the potential to be passed down over time.

Homes are ever-changing. They evolve in the same way that we do. My home, for example, never truly feels finished. It does take the pressure off of feeling like it has to be “done” or “perfect” right now. I choose pieces that speak to me in the moment, whether it’s a chair or a painting.

If you are ready to take on a major home project, contact me today. I’m a local, born and raised in the gorge, and I love to design. I’m happy to discuss your remodel or new home build.

Cheers to a new year and new home projects!

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