PNW Interiors

Do you want your home to look and feel like it belongs here in the wonderful Pacific Northwest (PNW)? Many people I meet in the upper left side of the country want their homes to reflect our region and lifestyle. Our vibe is eclectic. It’s a mix of traditional American Indian patterns, clean lines of Scandinavia, and a little rustic cabin chic vibe. Sounds like a funny combination, but it truly creates the comfortable feeling that rings true to our region.

Desert modern home bed and black side table with wood shiplap wall

Wood Accents
We love wood! Particularly live edge accents on a dining table, floating shelves, and beams. A home that is connected to nature and brings local natural elements inside, will achieve the cozy feel we all want. Some ways to accomplish this are by choosing wood trim, wood flooring, natural stone, earthy elements in furnishings, and neutral color palettes – including paint colors, fabrics, hard surfaces (countertops, backsplash).
Designer note: Use caution when mixing several different woods in a room. The tones should ‘like’ each other, otherwise they can look hodgepodge.

Clean Lines
Clean lines only! No clutter allowed. The PNW embraces the Scandinavian style of clean, modern lines, and minimal accent items. Tchotchkes should be kept to a minimum.

Locally Sourced Items
No Made-in-China items here. Whether it’s furniture, tile, or lighting, find items that speak to you and support your local craftsmen and women, artists, and skilled business owners. We, among many others, value knowing where your items come from and the connection it creates. For example, select timber from a local Mill to build the mantel on your fireplace!

High Quality But Not Formal
Nearly all clients have asked for spaces to be nice and high quality, but by no means formal. Being comfortable and cozy is the secret sauce to designing spaces that are both modern, clean, warm, and cozy.

Start building a collection of PNW art. There is an impressive amount of artists in our area that would make a great addition to your home. Selecting local artwork for your home is just another way to collect meaningful items. I’m always on the hunt for new pieces myself.

Photo by: Pendleton USA

One of the PNW’s signature looks is our textile patterns. We cannot think of textiles without mentioning Pendleton. They have lovely geometric patterns, and I especially love their signature wool blankets! I just put our winter Pendleton wool blanket with a striking black-and-white geometric pattern on our bed. Adding a couple of these throw pillows to the sofa is another great way to add their prints to the house.

If you are ready to take on a major home project, contact me today. I’m a local, born and raised in the gorge, and I love to design. I’m happy to discuss your remodel or new home build.

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