Peak into A Modern Farmhouse Bath

This bathroom is the epitome of modern farmhouse style.

When combining styles, modern & farmhouse, the owner and I wanted to create a timeliness bathroom with both interest and character.

One of the ways we managed to blend the two styles is in our tile selection.

Aren’t you in LOVE with it? I know I sure am. This was a bold choice for a floor tile. But the homeowner and I knew it was the perfect choice for this space.

Hexagon shaped tile is very, very traditional. Typically, when used, the size is extremely small: 1-2” tiles, and white.

To bring the shape into modern day, we blew up the size of a typically ‘traditional’ shape.

Doing so creates a modern feel while utilizing a timeless shape.

Also, typically you’d see this tile shape almost always in white.

Flipping the color and using a dark is much more modern.

The dark color gives real impact and contrast to the room. It’s a modern take on a traditional style!

Don’t forget the GROUT COLOR. I often joke around that this can either make or break a tile job. In this bathroom we decided to add a contrasting grout color. (Certainly not white; we didn’t want to create a cleaning nightmare!) A light gray was the perfect choice.

Grout is an important detail that’s much overlooked.

There will be more pictures and design notes, (melding modern and farmhouse while also bringing traditional elements into the modern world), so stay tuned!

Cheers from the gorge,


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