Our Fall Front Porch

Front porch decorated for fall with a wreath hanging in front of the black front door, white and orange pumpkins, and fall plants

Fall is in full swing!
Now that it’s almost October we are in full fall mode over here. This time of year always sneaks up on me. We’re enjoying long summer days one minute, and suddenly it changes to fall in a snap! Can you relate?!

I typically only swap out a few plants and add the classic orange pumpkins. But this year, I wanted to do a little more intentional fall decorating to the front porch. I wanted to change it up, but not necessarily in your typical orange color scheme. I wanted a softer, muted color pallet for the fall vibe. I was a little worried my littles, especially my four-year-old, would be disappointed in the white pumpkins. Boy was I wrong! I have discovered that she is a little designer in the making! She walked up to the porch after preschool, looked at it, and said, “Mama, the porch is so pretty—you made it so nice and pretty.” Somehow, those words of affirmation were all I needed to hear.

Today we are sharing some details of our fall front porch.
Since I didn’t really have what I needed, I treated it like a design project. This involves looking at photos for inspiration, deciding which style I like best from each, making my usual shopping list, and placing orders.

First, I decided I wanted new planters. I’ve been wanting to purchase new ones for a while, and this was the push I needed. I am a sucker for texture, and I just love the texture these grey ones have! I chose two tall ones that match in size and color to go next to the front door. And I selected a shorter bowl in a darker grey color. You can find these lightweight concrete planters at Rejuvenation.

I couldn’t help but fall in love with the beautiful, bleached husk wreath from Magnolia. And I already had the lovely black lanterns from Target. They are so versatile! I move them around our house constantly, inside and outside. The cute black doormat is from Target as well.

And for the final touch! Some fabulous fall plants from our local nursery, Good News Gardening. Thank you for always having a great selection of seasonal plants.

Ashley Hinkle standing with arms crossed and smiling in front of her black front door with fall decorations such as pumpkins, a wreath, and plants
Photo by Wayfarer

I am VERY excited to enjoy my new front porch and to share it with you and my loved ones! Having these touchpoints throughout the year are a great excuse to celebrate and make memories (especially with the kiddos who love joining in on the excitement). Halloween will be here before we know it and you can bet I plan on adding a few more items such as a creepy wreath, a black pumpkin lantern, and more. The excitement continues with Christmas being right around the corner. No surprise, it’s my favorite!

If you’re interested in doing a home project bigger than planters and throw pillows, I’m happy to discuss your upcoming design project!

Let’s design a home you’ll love!

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