Our 2023 Interior Design Predictions

Transitional mountain home with a modern kitchen and some traditional flare

While I am happy to share my opinion on design trends for 2023, it’s really a guess. None of us really
know what’s going to happen in the future but I can sure give you my best predictions.

  1. Earth tones. These have been growing more popular and will continue to do so. These are
    earthy shades not only bring the outdoors in but also bring a feeling of calm and relaxation.
    Say goodbye to sterile white everything…
  2. Casual with a touch of formality. Yes, keeping things casual and comfortable will continue to be
    popular, I think people are also wanting a touch of elegance. During the pandemic we have all
    spent tons of time in our sweat pants, and 3 years into it, a little class is in demand.
  3. Design with soul. Creating a home that feels like “home” is a process. It takes time. Making a
    house a “home” is not only about a beautifully designed spaces but about a space that nurtures
    us both phyically and mentally. Select items that coincide with your familys values.
Worn wooden credenza with mirror and decor

While trends typically come and go, things don’t change at the drop of the new year. Interiors are
expensive and need to be designed to withstand time. It’s not like we gut our kitchens every 2 years…
heck no. It’s important to design for trends going in and out and styles changing.

I believe in being environmentally conscious and buying things that will last. Personally, this has been
my motto my whole life. I don’t like buying something that will break down or be out of style quickly. I
can’t stand the idea of things hitting the landfill so quickly. I like wait to buy anything until I can buy
what I really want. Even if it’s pricey, I want it to be something that will last a very long time. The idea of
generational furniture and décor makes my heart happy. I like to invest in items that can be passed
down for generations. Some of these items are new while others are vintage.

Homes are ever changing. I feel like my home is never finished. It is always evolving like we are. It does
take the pressure off of feeling like it has to be “done” or “perfect” right now. I choose pieces that speak
to me whether it’s a chair or a painting. I like to leave some breathing room in my house.

If you are ready to take on a major home project, contact me today. I’m a born and raised local to the gorge who loves designing. I’m happy to discuss your remodel or new home build.

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