Luxury Bathroom Design Features We LOVE

Desert modern home bathroom with gray tile and light wood double vanity

A primary bathroom doesn’t need to have these features but if you want to add some elegance and luxury these are some must haves.

A double vanity is one of our faves! If you have any room for a double vanity then make it happen. It looks lovely and functions even better. This feature makes life a little easier and alleviates any morning friction if you and your partner get ready at the same time. It’s also nice to have space for our littles to come in and brush their teeth with us in the morning. Nothing like family teeth brushing! Ha.

Luxurious Countertop Materials
There are so many great countertop materials to choose from. Marble, quartzite, concrete, quartz, and granite are some of our favorites. Don’t be afraid to do something more dramatic with more lively veining. These materials are all timeless in style and longevity.

Desert modern home bathroom with gray tile

Free-standing soaking tub
Even if you’re not a bath person this is still a worthy feature addition. I have to admit, I kind of hate taking baths, but I still love my tub! Not only does it look beautiful, but it is nice to have the option to take a soak when needed. Even better is if you can design the bathroom so that the lovely tub has a view. The mountain, river, hills, trees, and the Gorge, are all views worth savoring.

Water closets are the most functional design features. Bathrooms are about privacy and it’s nice to have a little extra privacy inside. If you and your partner are getting ready at the same time, a water closet adds that comfort. The toilet itself can boast luxury features as well, such as heated seats, bidets, and flushes when you walk away. Many luxury loos are wall hung, making them easy to clean too.

Adding elegant lighting to a space can greatly increase the character of the space. Fixtures can be works of art themselves. Dimmable features can add to the ambiance of a room, making it much more than a utilitarian space. Having the right lighting can really elevate a space.

The last feature we LOVE so much is Radiant floor heat. Having a warm tile floor to walk on is a game-changer. While I love the look and function of tile, I’ve always hated the cold beneath my feet. I’m sitting in my office right now with my feet in a feet heater. YES, it’s a real thing! The radiant floor heat can be on a schedule to fit your needs and requires no messing with or ducting to install. It’s a luxury to add if you are doing a remodel or building new. Don’t skip this one.

If you’re gearing up for a renovation or new build and want to add some luxury to your life, let’s connect. I’d love to discuss your upcoming project! Contact me today to make a design plan.

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