LOVE your Kitchen Window!

I can honestly say after many years of planning and construction I LOVE my kitchen.

One of the elements I love the most is my kitchen window.

We had some goals when planning this kitchen/dining/living space.

  1. Take Advantage of Southern Exposure
  2. Make Our Kitchen as Light and Bright as Possible
  3. Maximize Our View Through the Window (no sliding bar blocking our view)
  4. Ventilation – The window needed to open.
  5. Keep as Much Cupboard Space as Possible

I had to get a little creative to accomplish these goals. We could have paid more (a lot more) and had custom windows designed but instead, I got creative, and put two window combinations together; we love the results!

For the lower portion of our kitchen window I chose an awning style. The top portion is a transom window.

An awning window has no slide bar through the middle (no view blocking) and it cranks open at the bottom for ventilation. I got the biggest awning window that Anderson (manufacturer) makes (Studio CBC).

I’m not sure about your cooking, but every now and then I toast some bread in my broiler and – OOPS! – I burn it. Having a window that opens in the kitchen is fabulous. In our case it also creates cross ventilation in this room.

In order to accomplish #1, 2, & 5, I added a transom style window above the awning window. This portion is non-opening. I added this to take advantage of the high 12’ vaulted ceilings and to let in as much southern sunshine as possible.

Most of the time we don’t have to turn on lights because our kitchen is so bright. Also, Glen, the owner of Studio CBC where we purchased our windows, and my client, complimented me the ultimate compliment. They gave this window design combination a name. They call it the “Ashley”. I call that a win!

My client has the “Ashley” in her home now too. Maybe it will be popping up all over the gorge. After all, we do have the most marvelous views.

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