Locally Sourced – Locally Made Furniture

Howdy Gorge Friends-

Yesterday, I stopped by a locally made furniture shop in Portland. By the way locally made furniture is pretty much Portland, as most furniture is made on the East Coast.

Denali Furniture starts with the slab, which is deadfall locally sourced here in the Pacific Northwest. Then they look at the natural contours of the wood. Many of their pieces have a live edge which gives a natural unique feel to each piece. No two slabs are the same. From there they craft a heirloom quality piece of furniture. WOW is all I can say. I love finding places like this. Their style is very rustic/ industrial. It feels like something that really speaks to the style of the people in the gorge.

It’s frustrating that so many people buy “crap” furniture made overseas out of particle board. My phiolosophy is much more, save your money until you can afford something that will last a very long time, and not end up in a landfill. Buy items to fill your home that mean something to you and are not meaningless place holders. A home is created by filling it with items that are near and dear to your heart. Anyone can create a beautiful space with mindless stuff.

This makes a day like yesterday even more special. The client I’m shopping for loves the fact that it is locally made and locally sourced and will last forever!

If you like these pictures and are interested in Denali Furniture please contact Ben at denaliint@msn.com

Tell him I sent you!

Have a wonderful day in the gorge!

Cheers, Ashley

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