Is Resale Really Important?

Beautiful kitchen with white cabinets and black accents

Yes + No!

It totally depends on the situation. Often, I like to lean into designing a personalized space for each client. If someone is designing a home that they never intend to leave then my motto is “Let’s make it all you.” This involves creating a space completely and fully customized without considering the resale appeal.
However, if you are building a custom home or doing an extensive remodel but are not sure how long you plan to be in the house, then I recommend considering resale value. Customize your space to work for you while keeping the following key elements in mind.

Kitchens. Designing a kitchen is where you can pull out all the stops and splurge. You will get a fabulous return on investment if the space is designed well. I highly recommend hiring a professional to be sure you don’t miss any key design features. While some general styles are more popular than others, creating a functional space that fits the style of the house is key.

A luxury primary bath with all the top features is great for you and for future homebuyers. Double sinks, a soaking tub, good lighting, and a heated towel rack are a few features I recommend including that future homebuyers will love.

Designing a home with excellent curb appeal is always a great idea. A dedicated entryway that is eye-catching and has an official entry space inside is a total winner. Too often I walk into a home and look around and think, “Where is the entry?” as I step into someone’s living room. Don’t skimp on the front door, but rather make a bold statement with a high-quality piece. Good paint color can also work wonders and should be carefully considered.

Desert modern home bathroom single vanity with black triangle tile

Designing for resale can limit creativity for you and a designer. Incorporating fun features to create a space that is unique to you is my vote every single time. These creative touches add to the resale value whether you know it or not. Many people love the idea of finding a custom home that is personal and different, in a good way.

My best advice is to love the space you live in. It really does bring personal happiness to your day-to-day life. After living in our house for 7 years, I still love it. It’s inevitable that there will always be small changes I want to make here and there, but I couldn’t be more grateful that our home feels like ours. This is because I didn’t design it for resale, I designed it for our lifestyle.

Determining what feels right for you is different for everyone. For some, resale is a factor, while others want to build a home specific to them. Both are totally okay options. You do you and let’s design a home you’ll love! Contact me today.

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