Designer Kitchen Must Have’s

Ashley Neff-Hinkle standing in the kitchen of a new home she designed

Summer is finally here, and we are sharing some of our favorite kitchen must have’s. I work on designing kitchens nearly every day. Below are my favorite features to add to a high-end kitchen.

Designer kitchen design by Ashley Neff Interior Design

Paneled appliances
If you can swing it, panel your appliances. You won’t be disappointed you did. Not having to clean stainless steel with its smudgy fingerprints takes one thing off your list. Not to mention it gives your kitchen an elevated look. The fridge and dishwasher are the big items I like to panel. In the kitchen shown here we did add an ice maker which is also paneled. No one ever said I want to look at an ice maker in my kitchen. But dang it is an awesome appliance to add!

Statement hood
Here is a place you can really draw some attention or not. Personally, I like doing a statement hood or, alternatively, making it disappear. In a recent project we paneled the hood with a bold contrasting wood. It looks killer with the island. On the other spectrum we have drywalled a hood. We added a hood liner, and the hood looks amazing as it disappears. It’s not a feature of the kitchen. It looks crisp and clean. There is a time and place for a stainless hood but it’s not typically my favorite.

Glazed backsplash
Mix handmade materials with modern finishes. Adding a handmade glazed backsplash tile gives the kitchen some character. Glazed tile gives it some texture and interest. A clean simple tile gives a completely different look. I like the unexpected and things to be curated and not just cookie cutter.

Coffee station
Talk about a dreamy feature. If you are a coffee lover like myself, this feature sounds like a luxury you’ll be happy to have. Select a built-in coffee maker or create a beautifully hidden coffee station to house all the ugly coffee items. A cute shelf for your coffee cups adds an extra little element. In the kitchen below we decided to add a built-in coffee maker. I’m in love!

Designer kitchen design, close up of coffee maker, by Ashley Neff Interior Design

Built-in convenience
Want your kitchen to function like a professional kitchen? Add the little details. Spice pullouts and drawer organizers make a world of difference. Having a space for all your knives, spices, utensils and not have to root around a drawer or cabinet to find everything saves so much time daily! I know my spice pullout is one of my favorite kitchen accessories. I cook a lot and making sure all my spices are organized and easily accessible are critical me. Not to mention cookie sheet and cutting board organizers. I have a special location for these items that puts them in a very convenient place!

Designer kitchen design, close up of oven, by Ashley Neff Interior Design

I (Ashley Neff-Hinkle) am a local White Salmon resident designing homes and loving life here in the Columbia River Gorge. Let me know if I can help you create your dream kitchen! Contact me today.

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