5 Tips to Help You Select the Perfect Paint Color!

Whether you are repainting for your existing house, just giving it a face-
lift or your building a new home and starting from scratch these tips will help!

  1. Consider your neighborhood. Paint to coordinate with your neighborhood. You don’t want to clone nor stick out lick a sore thumb! You want to complement your neighbors.
  2. Think of Interior/ Exterior flowUnfortunately, many people don’t even consider what is going on inside when selecting exterior paint colors. To avoid your family and friends from feeling a sense of shock as they enter your home. Create a cohesive feel inside and out by having a color that carries from outside to the inside of your home.
  3. Select 2-3 colors. These can be varying hues of the same color or complimentary colors such as a sage green house with a red door. To create interest and curb appeal.
  4. Do NOT accentuate unpleasant features of your home. ie. gutters, downspouts, garage doors. Since the focal point on the house should be the front door. That a place to select a bold accent color to draw attention.
  5. Paint samples on your house before finalizing. It is crazy how much colors, lighten up and/or intensify. Purchasing a couple pint samples is worth every penny! Painting the exterior of your home is a significant investment and can be one of the largest “Bangs for your Buck” possible if you select the right colors.

Want your paint colors to reflect your personality? I do on site color consultations if you would like more assistance. Contact me today to schedule your consultation.

Ashley Neff, Your Gorge Interior Designer!

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