5 reasons why you should hire an interior designer.

Living room side table with reading lamp, candles, plant, and picture frame

1. Avoid Costly Mistakes This may sound strange that hiring someone to help you design or decorate your home at an additional fee will save you money, but hiring a designer will help you avoid costly mistakes, like installing a backsplash that clashes with your kitchen design. A designer can definitely help increase the value of your home.

2. Professional Assessment   A trained eye and expertise in layout  while save you tons of time when figuring out what sofa size you should fall in love with. Go shopping armed with proper dimensions and layout choices to use your shopping time wisely.

3. Connecting with Contractor or Architect A designer is a bridge between you and your contractor or architect. I (or we) can head off major design disasters before you spend a penny on that first nail to be hammered. Did you know that it is important to consider lighting and furniture before construction even begins.?

4. I can be “The Bad Guy” If you’re renovating or building your first home, it’s important that someone there to ask the right questions and will stand up for you and what you desire. Dealing with electricians, plumbers and contractors can be pretty intimidating. It is really nice to have a middle man (designer) there to ask questions for you, get things done and generally speaking, be  the “bad guy” and stand up for your behalf. Many clients are so nice they hate to ask the installer to move something or address an issue.

As a designer, I will always have your back!

5. Contacts & Resources Everyone knows it can be difficult to find the right resources. (I have a fabulous electrician.) Designers work in the world of home improvement, so they have reliable connections that benefit you. With these connections an interior designer will create a space for you that reflects your personal style, interests, tastes, personality, and functions seamlessly with your lifestyle. 

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Happy Holidays!

Ashley Hinkle
Owner | Interior Designer of the Gorge

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