2022 Interior Design Trends

Somehow, we’ve taken another trip around the sun, and we are starting a new year. So, let’s look at some of the interior design trends we’ve seen pop up recently. Trends are continual, ongoing changes we see throughout the industry and often have a lasting impact.

Warmer tones. While we all love white and it will continue to be popular for a while, warm tones of brown are coming back. Pastels have been popular for years I think people are ready for a palette cleanser.

Being loud and boldly you. While we have all spent much of our time in our homes the last few years, now is the time to declare your style and be bold. A sterile minimal home is out. Find your style and rock it. If we are going to continue to spend lots of time in our homes, love it! Live in a space that feels like you and makes your heart happy. Is it on trend? Honestly, does it matter? No. If you love it, let’s do it. While I like to keep up on trends, my home is me and what makes me happy. When I get tired of something I change it. Does my husband love this about me? Maybe, maybe not. But it’s important to love my spaces I live in. Life is too short to not like where you live.

Dual purpose rooms. We will continue designing spaces to be multipurpose. Since the pandemic we have to make the best use of our spaces and make them work for our ever-changing lifestyles. A home office is tucked away in a niche or unused alcove. Whatever works best, for you and your family.

Green anything- This is the color of the year regardless of what Pantone says. Green has become the new neutral. Our friends at Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and Behr all agree green is in. The feeling of reconnecting the nature is on trend. Bringing feelings of serenity, tranquility, and rejuvenation work well in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms. A good green works well throughout an entire home or office.

Photo credit: Gorge-Us Photography

Open concept is out. I’m seeing more separated spaces. As we have learned during all our time at home it doesn’t work well when everyone is home and it’s all one room. I’ve realized that while our home layout works for the most part, I really wish we had a designated play space for the kiddos. Some people want their kitchens in a more separate space. That doesn’t mean it has to feel closed in. We are now thinking of our spaces differently as life functions differently than it used to. There is a new need and appreciation for privacy and quiet spaces.

If you would like assistance navigating the path through some interior design trends for your remodel or new home build lets connect. I am happy to help show you the ropes and help guide you as needed to create a space you will love at the end of the project!

Ashley Neff-Hinkle is a local White Salmon resident servicing clients design needs in new construction and remodeling. To learn more, visit www.ashley.com

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