Top 3 things to Accomplish in Your Home

Farmhouse kitchenette with chalkboard

Summer is winding down and the kids are getting ready to start school. I’m not a parent but many of my friends have young children. There is a relief of getting back into a routine and having a little more time to accomplish things around the house. These are the top 3 things I would try and accomplish in the next few weeks.

1. Get Organized- Getting back into the groove of activities with the kids and schedules. Now is a great time to create a chalk board in your kitchen for grocery lists and messages.

2. Select a New Paint Color – If you have been wanting to change an interior paint color, the next couple of months are the perfect time to get it done. It’s nice enough outside to open up the windows.

3. Freshen Up your family spaces. Buy a new throw blanket for the sofa, change out some art work or rearrange some of your furniture. Swing into Twiggs, At Home on Oak and Pacifica to pick up some new accessories for your home. ( all located in Hood River, OR)

This picture is a great example of what I’m suggesting. What do you want to accomplish once the kids go back to school?

Email me if you need any assistance accomplishing these in your home.



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