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The Best Coffee Shop in the Gorge!!!

The Best Coffee Shop in the Gorge!!!

tumblr_mh3sxkUE6y1rgjpbyo1_500BEST COFFEE SHOP IN THE GORGE!

So on Saturday, I went to meet my girlfriends at our favorite coffee shop. Usually, when you get a hot beverage there, they do some find of art in your drink. Most commonly, a tree, leaf or heart. But, Saturday I received this beautifully awesome art in my “Mexican Mocha” Not only am I a loyal customer but they just prove continually why I love this coffee shop so much!!!

Do you know what coffee shop I’m talking about??? Take a guess! I would like to hear what your favorite coffee shop and drink are in the gorge!

Enjoy the snow falling! I really hope the power doesn’t go out!

Cheers 🙂