Interior Paint Trends for 2014

The design world is ever evolving, never staying the same. It’s interesting to read what people think are the new trends 2014.

This year people are not only interested in gray as popular color but black as well. The dramatic black color on the wall with crisp white fixtures seems to be very popular. A poll was take on the Houzz website. Showing that 70% of people liked black rooms. Okay, personally I love the look of a dark dramatic wall, not meaning whole room. It also, depends how much light the room gets. If it has large southern facing windows I could totally see doing an accent wall black or very dark blue. But an entire room. No, not my style personally.

Gray is another popular color. Working at Morgan Paint helping with color consulting, it amazes me how many people are interested in painting their interiors gray. Another personal opinion is that we live in the Pacific Northwest, it is already gray outside 4-5 months out of the year. I’m a fan of at least gray/browns with a little bit of warmth. It’s a little more cheerful.

These are my opinions on some of the new trends for 2014 paint colors. Have a fabulous day!

Cheers,  Ashley

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