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5 Tips for Entertaining Success

5 Tips for Entertaining Success

tumblr_mdujp3QlHH1rx44mu1. DISREGARD the TRADITIONAL floral centerpiece. Create a centerpiece from items you already have. It makes it more fun and more economical! 🙂 I put together some pillar candles, pine cones, and fruit. It’s very festive, and I don’t have to worry about running to the floral shop before they close.

2. SHOP QUICKLY. Grocery stores are a mad house this time of year. So plan a menu with items that you will find easily. Don’t spend time running around town trying to find a particular ingredient.

3. SERVE FOOD ALL EVENING. If your serving beer and wine, be sure to have food out all evening. The food in the stomach helps slow the alcohol absorption.

4. THE DISHES CAN WAIT! Leave the dishes in the sink until after your guests have left. Nothing says welcoming like a host busy cleaning the whole time.

5. CANDLE LIGHT. Instead of the lighting a roaring fire in the fireplace. Light some pillar candles. With a house full of guests, the temperature can rise quickly. The candles will provide the same flickery light without the warmth.

Can you believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving?!? It seems like I just threw away my jac-o-lantern.


Did you know there are some great Black Friday deals in the gorge? There are some awesome sales going on in downtown Hood River. I will be selling some of my home made decor at 202 Oak Street suite 100 from 10 am-2pm. I hope to see you there!

I hope these tips were helpful! 🙂